CertifiGIFT makes it easy for you and easy for your customers

Selling your very own gift certificates has never been easier. Your customers will love you for it!

What our customers say

I have sold gift certificates in my barber shop for years, doing it the hard way (manually). These days while I’m busy with a client or at home after work, clients can buy them from my website whenever it suits them and I get a nice notification that a gift voucher has been sold. Sales are up and upfront in the first season! Thank you CertifiGIFT, an excellent service for a busy small business owner.
George Nichas, The Melbourne Barber Shop
“Our business has taken up CertifiGIFT because it makes our life easier. It’s a win win for us and our clients because they can buy a gift certificate and print it up instantly, without us having to lift a finger.
Thanks CertifiGIFT!”
Blaise van Hecke, Busybird Publishing
“For on line gift vouchers I would recommend Diane Davey and her CertifiGIFT offering every time. The easy to use process allows you to quickly get up and running with a professional and cost effective means of connecting on a new dimension with your customers. Diane is very supportive and knows her product well. Her expert approach and easy manner make her a joy to work with.”
Jackie Richards, Holistic Healing
“CertifiGIFT turns anything into a great gift – it’s made it easy for us to turn our first aid courses, first aid kits and defibrillators into gifts that can save lives.”
Dale Armstrong, Staying Alive Australia

What gift buyers say

Rhiannah, Perth
Excellent and easy to use
Marie, Sydney
Easy and hassle free!
Kylie, Melbourne
It’s so easy, I love it!
Lynden, Melbourne
“It just makes it so easy to buy gifts for our family back in Melbourne”
Bronwyn, London
“No more last minute shopping panic – this just makes it easy.”
Mick, Melbourne
“Every retail business should have this – it’s a no brainer.”
Richard, Melbourne